Google AD Campaign asks one of the best digital marketing companies in Australia and they will tell you that Google ads are not as easy to do as online articles/videos.
This is much more than just bidding, paying traffic, and driving conversions for long-tail keywords. This is especially true if you want an optimized return on advertising spend (RASS) but you get even less.
After all, higher returns aren’t the only goal of any advertising campaign – optimized returns! $ 10 for $ 1 is better than $ 2 for 1. Smart business owners and marketers look for it; This is what you should look for. But even then it will not happen. At least not in your next promotion. Why?
Here are 3 reasons why your next Google Advertising ROI may come down:

The landing page is bad

Just a few lines of text, a few images, and a CTA won’t do it for you.
Even when you are targeting them for the purpose of the purchase, they will not convert to a thin landing page.
Now, an effective landing page has its own dynamics. Also, how should it change from industry to industry?
But in the end, you want a page that not only caters to the exact needs of the users but also checks all the boxes to provide good UX. For example, it must load quickly; It should be eye-catching; It should define the call-to-action.
A weak landing page easily leaks many potential leads or sales. Optimizing this can make a big difference in your ROI.

Low-quality score

Quality Score – 1 out of 10, 10 being the best – Measure the relevance of the keywords. It helps to estimate the quality of Google ads, keywords, and landing pages.
But chances are you already knew what a quality score is. If not, you should consider hiring the best digital marketing company in Australia to manage your PPC campaign.
If your quality score is low, your CPC or CPA will be higher, meaning your return will be lower.
Conversely, when your Quality Score is high, it will lower your CPC or CPA. This will help you to get more income from the outgoing budget.
Optimizing your campaign for a higher quality score is a completely different matter on its own. We will touch on this in another post. For now, be aware that if your Quality Score is low, you will have ROAS.

Insufficient Analytics Acumen

One of the biggest mistakes of many startups is leveraging analytics. In fact, it is your biggest asset to run higher ROAS.
Google Advertising is not a hit-and-miss scenario. It’s about starting from the best possible location and then making further improvements based on the data you collect.
If a keyword is badly converted, change it.
If your landing page has a short session duration, modify the page.
If one ad group converts to another, adjust your BD accordingly.
You can do a lot based on rich data. Sadly, many marketers don’t even pay attention to the data, let alone use something as powerful as Google Tag Manager. If you are one of them, you will definitely fight to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Make it work better for ROI

There are no “rules” for running successful Google ads. It works differently for different people. It depends on many things from the target to the target to the industry to the key-type.
That said, there are, of course, a number of factors that influence the ROI of advertising. The three reasons mentioned above are those basics.
These are three reasons why your next Google AD Campaign promotion ROI could go very low.
Change your strategy and approach. If necessary, consider hiring a digital marketing company in Brisbane that specializes in paid advertising.
Google ads can unlock your unparalleled success – but only if you know how to pull the right strings.